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Endoscope trolley

  • Brand: SOIMAGING
  • Numbering: TC-204
  • Field of application: Endoscope trolley
  • Product type: Endoscope trolley

Medical metal four-layer cart, with multi-function insert row and drawer, decorative corner color optional. Single layer bearing capacity 25kg, overall bearing capacity 125kg. Universal wheel can rotate 360°, convenient and durable. The specific size of the instrument can be customized according to user requirements.

1, metal column: overall combination, free loading and unloading;

2, multi-layer combination: laminate adjustable, space multiple combination;

3, light and convenient: medical mute wheel, flexible movement;

4, wide space: column on both sides of the hole design, scalability enhancement;

5, custom modification: according to the main structure, for special needs, rapid customization