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Cold light source for medical endoscope

  • Brand: SoimaGinG
  • Numbering: L50
  • Field of application: This product is used as a light source for clinical observation of endoscope
  • Product type: Minimally invasive surgical equipment in all departments

Technical parameters:

Power supply: AC220V; 50 Hz

Input power: 200VA

Illumination: p 1400000 Lux

Output luminous flux: 800 Lm

Color temperature: 5100-7000 K

Color rendering index: ≥90

Lamp beads can be used for a period of time: generally 50,000 hours

Spectral range: 380-780 nm

Noise: ≤55 dB

Light uniformity: 0.65

Display mode: 3.5-inch LCD display