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Medical endoscope camera

  • Brand: SOIMAGING
  • Numbering: 710C
  • Field of application: It is suitable for electrosurgical examination, laparoscopic examination, hysteroscopic examination, cystoscope examination, sinusoscope examination, otoscope examination, nasopharyngoscope examination, arthroscopy and other endoscopic fields.
  • Product type: Minimally invasive surgical equipment in all departments

Hd camera technical parameters

1.1 Image sensor: 1/1.8 high sensitivity COMS;

1.2 Scanning system: line by line scanning;

1.3 Resolution: 1920 (H) X1080(V)60 frames;

1.4 Output clarity: 1080P, realistic color restoration ability;

1.5 Digital output: DVI output ≥1200TVL;

1.6 Optical adapter: F18, F20, F22, F24, F28, F32, F35MM optional;

1.7 SNR: 60DB;

1.8 White balance: AWB(automatic white balance control) and manual control;

1.9 Scanning mode: progressive scanning 16:9;

1.10 Minimum illumination: 0.2LUX;

1.11 Frame frequency: 50HZ/60HZ;

1.12 Output signal: DVI, HDMI, CVBS

1.13 The camera handle has four remote control functions: freezing, white balance, shrinking and zooming.